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"Luxurious aesthetics and noteworthy sound are the key elements that define BassBuds™. Created to deliver stylish music devices whilst maintaining tomorrow's sound technology for today's consumers; BassBuds™ has quickly cemented itself as a brand where form and function are both executed to the highest standards.

"A partnership with luxury industry leader Swarovski and their ELEMENTS® collection adds the sparkling hallmark to these elegant earphones. Embedded into the back of the sound chamber the crystals add a touch of class to the BassBuds™ in earphones which are available in over 20 different colour combinations. Research and development continues to yield revolutionary initiatives such as the BassBoomz portable Bluetooth speaker, set to dominate the luxury travel accessories market.

Formerly The White Hart Inn, the venue is believed to have been built in 1480. However, there is evidence that there was a hostelry on the site perhaps a hundred years earlier.

Born in the late 1990s, bringing enchantment, mystery and hospitality of the highest international standards to the heart of Essex. It is an impressive creation of ten individually characterised zones, united by an attention to immaculate detail beneath the award winning Sugar Hut brand.

Sugar Hut® Village is a 1,000 capacity venue spread over two levels, with five stunningly decorated rooms covering ten zones which include a fine dining restaurant, six bars, a night club, private members areas and a courtyard.

Proudly sitting at the heart of Brentwood High Street, The Village has changed the landscape of local expectations by offering an experience of Eastern culture fused with Western ideals creating a truly unique world that can only be truly understood through experience.