Booking Terms & Conditions

Bookings are made over the telephone and we will take details from the Party Leader, who makes the booking on behalf of the whole party. It is important that you read the following conditions before you book, as these apply to your booking with us and to all members of your party and you are advised to print off a copy for your records. It is also important to understand that these conditions apply whether you have chosen to read them or not and your attention will be drawn to them during the booking process verbally, via email and within our communications to you either in full or abbreviated or with directions and hyperlinks directing you to access them. By paying the non-refundable deposit you acknowledge that you understand that these conditions apply and agree to be bound by the conditions by continuing with a booking. The conditions are binding when your booking is accepted and confirmed by us in writing via email. These conditions are also available on our website.

  • 1. Bookings are subject to a minimum party of 9 and will be accommodated in triple rooms. Any booking requiring less than three persons in a room will be subject to the additional charges detailed on our website.
  • 2. The person placing the booking who takes responsibility for the reservation is the Party Leader and agrees, on behalf of all party members, to be bound by these conditions. The Party Leader warrants that he/she and all party members comply with all these conditions and has full capacity and authority to secure the booking on behalf of all persons whose names will be given as the visiting party. We reserve the right to decline a booking at our entire discretion.
  • 3. The Party Leader is responsible for a reservation and for ensuring that all monies due for a booking are collected and paid on time by the members of the party and that everyone within the party is aware of these conditions. The Party Leader assumes all responsibility to settle the balance of the invoice for a confirmed booking before the due date. The party leader must be in attendance on the night of the booking and the package is non-transferable.
  • 4. If a booking is made more than six weeks before the visit date, a non-refundable deposit of £50 per person will be payable upon booking and the full balance payable at least six weeks before the visit date. Your booking may be cancelled if full payment is not received by the visit date, in which case all payments made to that date will be non-refundable. If a booking is made less than six weeks before the visit date, the whole amount shall be paid in full at the time of booking and will be non-refundable.
  • 5. Payments are accepted by credit card (except American Express) or debit card and you will receive an e-receipt for payments to the email address provided by the Party Leader. We do not accept cheques
  • 6. Once a booking has been confirmed it can only be altered by the Party Leader and with our consent in accordance with these conditions. If a member of the party does not wish to proceed with taking part in the visit and wishes to cancel their part of the booking once they have confirmed their attendance following the confirmation date, then that individual will forfeit any monies paid under Clause 3 above.
  • 7. Once a booking has been confirmed cancellations can only be accepted in writing from the Party Leader for the entire party booking by sending an email to us. Providing payment has been made in accordance with these conditions, any refund due will be made as in Clause 3 above.
  • 8. Package prices are subject to change and the Party Leader will accept prices as shown on our website at the time of booking on behalf of the whole party.
  • 9. All party members must be over 18 years of age for entry on any night. Current photographic identification in the form of a driving licence or passport is required for all individuals wishing to enter the venue and any person not providing such identification may be refused entry.
  • 10. Bookings are subject to entry by the whole party before 10 p.m. and any party or individual arriving after this time may be refused entry.
  • 11. All party members must adhere to the dress code detailed on our website and any party or individual not adhering may be refused entry.
  • 12. Any marketing offer being advertised by Holiday Inn, at or after the time of booking, cannot be used in conjuction with these packages. Sugar Hut Group pay a corperate rate and are not offered any subsidies available to the public. If any member of the party has an issue with the accommodation provided, this must be taken up with Holiday Inn direct and Sugar Hut Group accepts no responsibility for any failings on the part of Holiday Inn.
  • 13. Transportation vouchers are provided with the package and transport must be arranged and booked with Treble Twenty Cars and Couriers Limited direct. Sugar Hut Group accepts no responsibility for any failings on the part of Treble Twenty Cars and Couriers Limited.
  • 14. One drink token for each member of the party is provided with the package and each token may be redeemed for one glass of red, white or rose wine or one single shot of spirit and mixer at any bar within Brentwood Sugar Hut Village. The token must be handed to the bar tender and will be retained by them.
  • 15. Bookings are accepted on the understanding that all members of the party will behave in a proper and responsible manner. Any individual or party who is intoxicated or appears to be intoxicated upon arrival will be refused entry and any individual or party behaving in an antisocial or abusive manner whether inside or outside the venue will also be refused entry or ejected from the venue.
  • 16. Packages will not be available when a Friday or Saturday falls on 24th December, 26th December, 31st December or as a Public or Bank Holiday.