Sugar Hut

Sugar Hut Membership Rules & Regulations

1. The name of The Club is Sugar Hut.
2. The Membership Committee of The Club shall exercise the powers given to it by these rules and regulations and such other powers of management as it may undertake at the request of the owner/s of The Club.
3. Membership of The Club shall consist of members (hereinafter called 'Members'� and 'Membership'� shall be construed accordingly)
4. The owner/s of The Club shall appoint the members of the Membership Committee.
5. The election of Members shall be vested in the Membership Committee, which shall have the power to appoint a sub-committee of its members for the purpose.
6. The Membership Committee shall meet as often as may be necessary to ensure the proper conduct of the affairs.
7. No candidate for Membership who has not reached 21 years of age shall be eligible for Membership.
8. In the case of Membership being cancelled or rescinded by the Membership Committee, no part of the membership fee shall be returned to the Member whose Membership has been cancelled and the Membership Committee may thereafter give instructions that such person shall not enter The Club even as a visitor. The Club is not bound to submit reasons for Membership cancellation and the decisions of the Membership Committee are final and binding.
9. Any omission from or inaccuracy in the particulars relating to the description of any candidate for membership may render his election void at the discretion of the Membership Committee.
10. Immediately upon the election of a Member, the membership Committee shall give notice to him/her and he/she shall be subject to due payment of the Membership fee. Only then may he/she become a Member of The Club and is entitled to all the benefits and privileges of the Membership and is bound by these rules. Any infringement of the rules may result in immediate cancellation of Membership.
11. The annual Membership fee shall be such sum, as the Membership Committee shall from time to time determine, but such annual sum not being less than �250.
12. Membership is non transferable. Should any Member lend his/her Membership to another person, his/her Membership will be immediately cancelled.
13. a) No rejected candidate for Membership shall again be proposed as a Member until the expiration of six months from the date of such rejection;
b) No person who shall have been expelled from The Club shall ever again be proposed as a candidate, or visit the Club premises unless special consent of the Membership Committee shall have been obtained to his/her being so proposed or visiting The Club.
14. If any Member shall be convicted of an indictable offence or is found in possession of, or consuming, illegal substances whilst at The Club senior management and/ or the Membership Committee shall have the power in its discretion to immediately expel him/her and cancel his/her Membership.
15. If any Members guests are found in possession of, or consuming, illegal substances whilst at The Club senior management and/ or the Membership Committee shall have the power in its discretion to immediately expel him/her. The Member who signed in the guest will then be subject to The Club's disciplinary procedure and the Membership Committee shall have the power in its discretion to immediately expel him/her and cancel his/her Membership.
16. Should any Member wilfully remove, destroy or damage any item, article or property belonging to The Club, another Member or a senior management and/or the Membership Committee shall have power in its discretion to immediately expel him/her and cancel his/her Membership.
17. The appointment and dismissal of all Club employees shall be vested solely in the owner/s of The Club. Any member who shall interfere with such appointment or who shall incite any Club employee to leave the employment of The Club shall at the discretion of the Membership Committee be expelled.
18. Members must always treat staff and other Members with courtesy and good manners.
19. Members who are entitled to bring guests into The Club on specified nights must ensure their parties are of equal mixed gender.
20. Members are obliged to sign themselves and their guest/s in on arrival at The Club.
21. The Membership Committee shall have power to suspend (for a period not exceeding six months) or expel any Member who shall infringe these rules or whose conduct in The Club shall in their opinion be prejudicial to the character or interest of The Club and any Member guilty of conduct likely to endanger the welfare and good order of the club shall be subject to suspension (for a period not exceeding six months) or to expulsion by the Membership Committee in its entire discretion.
22. The Chairman or Secretary shall be empowered to order the immediate withdrawal of any Member whose conduct conflicts with the above or who after due warning persists therein.
23. Every Member shall before leaving The club pay any charges incurred by him/her and/ or any guest.
24. Tables at The Club may be reserved free of charge for cardholders with Black membership and at a reduced rate for Platinum cardholders. Tables at The Club will be held for 20 minutes only from the reservation time, subject to the discretion of Senior Management. If delays are expected, Members are requested to telephone The Club to advise of their anticipated arrival time.
25. A minimum spend per head is required when booking tables, unless the table is booked as bottle service only.
26. The Club does not employ a strict dress code, however, Members are advised to exercise discretion with their attire. Senior Management of The Club always reserve the right of admission.
27. Membership does not necessarily guarantee admission. Admission to The Club is on the basis of available capacity or by reservation only. Up until 1:00am, if capacity has been reached Members may be admitted on a one in one out basis.
28. Senior management of The Club always reserves the right of admission.
29. Members and their guests are to strictly observe any directions given by senior management, staff of The Club and/or security at the entrance to The Club in relation to queuing. Failure to have due and proper regard to any such directions may result in immediate cancellations or suspension of Membership, at the absolute discretion of the Membership Committee and/or senior management.
30. Members must leave The Club in a quiet and orderly fashion so as to not cause any disruption to neighbours in the vicinity of The Club, both residential and commercial.
31. The Membership Committee may by prior arrangement allow private functions to be held at The Club and on such occasions the hours during which The Club shall be open to members may be varied. The Membership Committee will endeavour to inform Members in advance of any varied trading times for The Club.
32. Members must vacate The Club upon request of Senior Management at The Club and failure to do so may result in Membership being cancelled.
33. The supply of intoxicating liquor will be permitted in The Club during the general licensing hours for the district subject to any extension for the time being granted by the Licensing Justices.
34. The Club, the owner/s, senior management and the Membership Committee cannot in any circumstances be responsible to Members, guests or visitors for:-
a) Loss or damage to any property of any kind while it is in or about The Club; or
b) Loss or damage to motorcars parked, collected or driven by employees or agents of The Club, or to the contents or accessories of any such motorcars.
35. Members are solely responsible for the proper conduct and behaviour of their guests, and their strict observance of The Club rules whilst at The Club.
36. The Membership Committee shall have power by their duly authorised officer to refuse the admission of any guest or visitor if in their opinion it is desirable in the interests of The Club.
37. No animals will be permitted in The Club except guide dogs.
38. The Membership Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules made there under and their decision shall be final and binding on the Members.
39. All Members agree to acquire and continue their Membership subject to these rules and regulations, which will be available on request.
40. a) These rules and regulations may be changed, varied or revoked by the owner/s of The Club and any change, variation or revocation of these rules and regulations shall be deemed to have been brought to the notice of the Members provided that a copy thereof is duly posted in the cloak room at The Club.
b) The Membership Committee may from time to time make, vary and revoke rules not inconsistent with these rules for the regulation of the internal affairs of The Club and the conduct of the Members.

All rules shall, until revoked by the Membership Committee be binding on the Members.